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 I don’t get the people who criticize other people’s English accent, I mean Spanish people, for example. They’re all like “poor girl/boy, she/he has a not very good accent”, you know, like they had the best one. I’m sick and tired of this crap, if you’re not English or come from a country where everybody speaks English, please shut up, because they can beat you!

I’ve been reading an article about a Portuguese student who is studying here in Spain. It bothered me that he said: “all students from different countries speak English but the Spanish ones”

It’s a little frustrating when some people comment how bad is our English or our incapacity for speaking foreign languages. It’s more frustrating not to be able to do it, who doesn’t want to speak 3 or 4 languages? Natalie Portman can speak 5 different languages. I’d like to be that smart.

Well, I’m sure most of us would like to speak fluent English, like other European countries, but it’s not our fault. It was all because a very small (and bastard) man who kept a dictatorial government for 30 years (except I don’t like the concept “government” for someone who banned democratic elections) didn’t like whatever came from out of Spain; because everything had to be Spanish and only in Spanish language and for Spanish people. I thrill when I think what would have happened without the Civil War… 

So maybe you’re gifted with a good accent and you don’t really need to study English because you’re naturally excellent at it, but don’t mock others who aren’t like you. Not everybody is that lucky

ps. I think the karma hates me
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