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And the winner is...

You know, saying "the Oscar goes to..." is too coward, because there are always winners and losers. You get the award?-->winner, you don't get the golden boy--->loser; it's that simple.

I got 8 out of all categories (9 if you count on the honorific one), which is not bad at all but I expected more, hell, I could have got more because I didn't give the oscar to Diablo Cody (I chose Ratatouille, I mean, I made my predictions like two weeks ago, before I saw Juno and I didn't want to change it, don't know why) and to the Coen brothers. I could have changed it. No Country for Old Men was the only movie I saw at the cinema. It was long, yes, it was very slow, yes, but it was worth my money and my time, it's simply brilliant, amazing, and Javier Bardem is breathtaking; his best acting ever.

In general, I'm very happy with the winners, they all deserved the awards more than the others. And though I didn't watched the show, I don't think it was boring, I think it was better than other times because we didn't have to hear "we so good because we make films". Oh, and Javier was so gorgeous, just like Josh Brolin, who I think he's in love with. Brolin+Bardem=OTP

What I hate is that people who say Javier doesn't deserve the Oscar, or when they say the movie sucked... I know we all like different things and we don't have to agree in everything but that's just absurd. They critize Javier because this time he didn't use his speech to protest against the war in Iraq or against Bush, they call him communist!! WTF!!! His speech was more than ok, it was perfect when he thanked to the Coens, the other actors at the movie, his mother... too sweet, I loved him for that. His mother was really funny  because she saw George Clooney and stated that now she knows that God exists!! Oh woman :)

Venga, tenéis que ver ESTE VIDEO de su discurso, está subtitulada la parte en inglés. Cómo le quieren; no como en España, donde no se sabe más que criticar.

PD: el próximo lunes Tele5 empieza la emisión de csi:las vegas, la 7ª temporada

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