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I said I wouldn't buy it, but I failed at it. I'm weak and finally I bought the novelization of the movie X-men , despite of the many crappy cheesy  jean/logan moments that make me throw up everytime I find them. It was very cheap, only 3 €, maybe I bought it because of that, you know how much I HATE that pairing, I think this book should be more Rogan. Why are they so blind?

I think I bought it because if I find something I don't like, since the book is mine, I can delete some words with my pencil. But I've been taking a look at it and it seems I'd have to delete half the book. It will look good on my bookshelf, anyway.

Do you have any good recommendations of Wolverine/Rogue fanfics from the W/R fanfiction archive? I need some good Rogan love, something happy that makes me forget that stupid!redhead I hate. 
Tags: libros, logan/marie, rogan 4ever, wolverine/rogue, x-men

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