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Your CSI story (females only, sorry) by paperwings
Your theme song:Angels- Within Temptation
Specific job:Audio and Visual specialist
Why you became a CSI:Was drunk when you applied for the job.
One word that describes you:Heartless.
Your most memorable quote:You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put you left foot in and shake it all about...
One dangerous situation you faced:Being caught in cross-fire.
One awesome accomplishment:Got people to stop calling you a science geek.
One less then flattering accomplishment:You screwed up a case by accidently reporting incorrect information.
You are most affected by your work when:You know the victim.
Your best friend/co-worker:Sara Sidle
Your new boyfriend:David
How you ended up together:You asked, and he said yes.
What lies in store:You find yourself in extreme danger at the lab.
Tags: csi:las vegas, meme, random

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