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Why... oh why

As you probably know, my default userpic was a Wolverine/Rogue one. I don't know why or how, my default userpic doesn't show since a few days ago, which annoys me (you have no idea how much I hate it) So I tried to upload a different Wolverine/Rogue icon and then make it my default userpic. Well, the fucking icon doesn't show. Why does LJ hate my Wolverine/Rogue default userpic?, they're not guilty!! they've done nothing!

And after all this mess, I decided to use the "Peter Petrelli - Dear LJ" icon as my default userpic. If lj hates my Wolvie/Rogue, what else can I do? maybe lj is a jean/logan fan *pukes*

Edited, August 14th: I decided to upload a different Wolverine/Rogue icon, made by deep_salt_water  as well. It matches the header, and it seems to work ok :)

Tags: journal, logan/marie, userpics, wolverine/rogue

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