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Marvel doesn't mean "smart"

Yeah, I feel weird today. It's one of those days when I realize (again) that my favourite otp will never be canon, not only in movies, comics too. It's one of those days when I feel the need to say I'm not sick just because I want then together in every fuckin universe you can think about; I'm not sick if I think their relationship in the comics, as a romantic couple, would be okay, because really, it is.

I'm not wrong either. I'm not wrong if I ship Grissom&Sara. I'm not wrong if I ship Wolverine&Rogue, only because some people are too blind to see their potential. I understand that if your otp is different from mine, you don't want your otp to end, but I will always defend my ships, they're worth it. And I still have this stupid hope that someday Marvel will see the light and change some things, but I don't believe in them. Look what the've done: Rogue has a team, she's the leader, but in almost every issue she's in bed fighting a disease or being shot (x-men #200). Rogue is not the stupid!redhead, she's really tough, she can fight anybody! What the fuck are they doing to her?

If these characters were mine... mwahahaha!!!! *makes evil face*

Tags: comic books, gsr, logan/marie, rogan 4ever, wolverine/rogue, x-men

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