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Acabo de leer un post en tumblr sobre Éowyn que me ha encantado y he pensado "ea, esto tengo que linkearlo en mi elejota", porque yo jamás me habría expresado tan bien en este tema y estoy tan de acuerdo con el texto que solo me salen corazoncitos ♥ ♥ ♥

Click en el texto para leerlo entero.

I have nothing against feminism. I don’t. But I hate the fact that Eowyn can’t be a complex and conflicted character instead of just "a girl who wants to go to war like the boys and KICKS ASS AT IT". It seems that in a lot of sections of the fandom she is a favorite for no other reason than she is a woman who picks up a sword, then draws violent criticism for actually marrying a man who makes her happy. This seems kind of like an asshole thing, especially when she’s been arguably suffering from what we would call clinical depression for years.
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