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I've finished watching season 1 of Torchwood. It's not bad but I think the last two episodes are worth much more than all the previous 11 episodes. I've also watched 2x01 today and it was SO MUCH FUN! James Marsters was the guest star and his character has everything I love about Jack Harckness or River Song. It's impossible not to love him even if he's a bad guy. Anyway, I love bad guys!

Another thing about season 1 finale... I kept thinking "oooh, if only the Doctor were here" And I really, really loved Jack's comments about the Doctor and what he had seen and I was like "yeees, the end of the world! the Master! Martha "motherfucking" Jones! She saved the world! the year that wasn't!"

Aaaand I've also watched the preview for 2x02... AND MARTHA JONES IS IN IT!!!!! OMG!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!! I love her so much, I can't wait to see the episode and any other one in which she appears. I know she doesn't stay in the show as a permanent member of the team and that's shameful because there's no better doctor than her (well, maybe The Doctor) and the team sure would get its level of beauty rising a few points :D

Now I have a very good reason to carry on watching Torchwood. OOOH MARTHA. BEST COMPANION EVER (for me) (with the obvious permission of Rory Williams and River Song, though yeah, River is not exactly a companion)

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