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My favourite Arwen illustrations

by cathly

I wish I were a creative person and able to draw something, I'd spend my time drawing all kinds of things for Arwen. So, since I'm so bad at drawing, I thought it'd be nice to show you my favourite illustrations of this wonderful character. There aren't many, though, probably because she's barely there in the story, and also because she looks just like Lúthien (you've got a picture of Lúthien, you've got a picture of Arwen)

Luckily, I've found other non-official illustrations, which you'll find under the cut:

I'll try to credit all of them, but some have been saved on my hard drive for some time and I don't know where I got them from.

(c) Matt Stewart

(c) HIldebrandt Brothers

(c) Nacho Castro

(c) Donato Giancola

(c) liga_martha (@Deviantart)

(c) aaudacity (Tumblr)

(c) Hildebrandt Brothers

(c) Anke Eissmann

(c) Anke Eissmann

(c) Grant Gould

(c) Michael Kaluta. Yes, that is Elessar :D

(c) Katie Cook

(c) Katie Cook

(c) cblair (deviantart)


(c) Rafael Kayanan

(c) Anna Lee (deviantart, I think)

(c) Billy Mosig

(c) Lyon

(c) Lyon

(c) Pat2004 (Heromorph)

(c) Anke Eissmann

(c)Hollano (deviantart)

(c)John Howe

Tags: arwen, esdla, libros, picspam, we love the women that fandom hates

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