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Here's much to do with hate, but more with love

I hate how Lotrconfessions.tumblr has become a place where all you can read about Arwen is "I dislike Arwen", "I hate Arwen", "I think Arwen is useless", "Arwen stole Glorfindel's role" blahblahblah. On the other hand, you can read a lot of positive things about Eowyn, and though I agree with these positive comments about the Lady of Rohan, I don't agree with the negative comments about Arwen. I hate how one is so loved and the other one so hated; I think both women should be loved because both of them are awesome.

Sometimes I blame Tolkien for it, because Eowyn was his favourite but he never gave a damn about Arwen. He gave her all these powerful and amazing forefathers and then she never gets to prove herself like other characters in the story; he never cared to integrate her properly into the narrative. So he loved Eowyn and Faramir was his self-insert and therefore he wanted them to be together instead of Aragorn/Eowyn? Fine by me, but he could have done something good with Arwen, starting from giving her a good characterisation. I mean, he barely wrote about her and everybody thinks she only knows to sit and sew, which leads me back to what I said about her ancerstors.

I really wish this fandom loved Arwen, it makes me sad to see so much hate :(

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