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First: I'm going to fucking kill anybody who says that Arwen "stole" other characters' scenes  or their time. Seriously, I don't mind if you stop talking to me after I've written this, but I'm sick of all that nonsense and I hope they go to hell. I'm really pissed off by all this "she stole time from other characters" crap. DO I NEED TO REMIND THEM ALL THE SCENES WHICH DIDN'T EXIST IN THE BOOK BUT WERE CREATED FOR THE FILM AND NOBODY COMPLAINS ABOUT? DO I REALLY HAVE TO TELL THEM HOW MANY SCENES WERE PLAYED BY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS THAN THOSE IN THE BOOK? SERIOUSLY? DO I REALLY HAVE TO DO IT? BECAUSE IF I HAVE TO, MAYBE YOU ARE NOT SUCH A BIG FAN OF LOTR. Or maybe you're just too narrow-minded.

I don't even know why I bother.  I've ranted about this many times before but I still don't get how a fictional character that doesn't exist can steal anything. Even if playing another character's part in the story can't be regarded as "stealing" ¬¬ And I'm sorry, I tend to get a little carried away with this.

OK, moving on: I wanted to start the 30 days of female awesome meme so, you know, I have another reason to write.

Day One: Favourite lead female character


She's the first one that came to my mind when I thought of this question. I followed her adventures from season 1, every summer, and I cried a lot when she died in the season 5 finale. Not only she was strong physically speaking, but she also had inner strenght and skills to lead the group. She was really a true heroine.

I have to say it: thank you, Joss Whedon!

Day One: Favorite lead female character
Day Two: Favorite supporting female character
Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love
Day Four: A female character you relate to
Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show
Day Six: Favorite female-driven show
Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time
Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show
Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show
Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show
Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show
Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie
Day Thirteen: Favorite female character in a book
Day Fourteen: Favorite older female character
Day Fifteen: Favorite female character growth arc
Day Sixteen: Favorite mother character
Day Seventeen: Favorite warrior female character
Day Eighteen: Favorite non-warrior female character
Day Nineteen: Favorite non-human female character
Day Twenty: Favorite female antagonist
Day Twenty-One: Favorite female character screwed over by canon
Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates
Day Twenty-Thre: Favorite female platonic relationship
Day Twenty-Four: Favorite female romantic relationship
Day Twenty-Five: Favorite mother/daughter and/or sister relationship
Day Twenty-Six: Favorite classical female character (from pre-20th century literature or mythology or the like)
Day Twenty-Seven: A female character you have extensive personal canon for
Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite female writer (television, books, movies, etc.)
Day Twenty-Nine: A female-centric fic rec
Day Thirty: Whatever you’d like!
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