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Things I have watched lately

[I haven't checked this post with Google translator so I apologise if you find any mistake]

-Romeo&Juliet (68) on TV. I didn't watch the whole film because I already had watched it on dvd a few months ago, but yeah, it was cool. I'm surprised I liked it because I'm not usually a big fan of classic adaptations and I remember I loved it, despite all those men in tights XDD Oh, God, I have to look at their faces and try not to look down... :P Thing is, I enjoyed Mercutio a bit more this time. The actor who played his part was the one I liked the least, maybe because my favourite Mercutio will always be Harold Perrinau. Perrinau is too perfect, so passionate, he really brings life to the character.

-Angel o Demonio. I think I'm up to episode 1x07. It's taking me some time to watch first season because the episodes are too long, and somedays I don't watch any single episode of any tv show.

-Dances with wolves, the film directed and starred by Kevin Costner. Interesting to notice that Mary McDonnell, our President of the 12 Colonies in BSG, is a white girl who was raised by the Sioux and falls in love with Costner's character. It's really a very good film, maybe too long but so well done that it's obvious it deserved the Awards it got. I got really angry when the soldiers killed his horse and the wolf which was almost like his pet ¬¬

-Torchwood. I'm only up to 1x05. It's something weird because I usually enjoy one episode and then, the next one is boring. The last one was about ugly and cruel fairies and was quite enjoyable. I feel sorry for Jack Harkness because at the end of the episode, everyone in the team was angry at him and I think it's unfair, especially coming from Gwen. Gwen knows he can't die but she can't think that not being able to die changes a person. I mean, when you don't die, when you're immortal, you obviously think and make decisions which average people wouldn't do.

Anyway, I hope the show gets better. And I can't wait to see season 2 and get my dose of Good Pretty Awesome Martha Jones.

-Speaking of Martha. I thought it was impossible that I could love another character from Doctor Who more than I love Martha and last weekend I watched "Silence in the library" and "Forest of the Dead", which have to be two of the best episodes of DW ever. OH GOD, RIVER SONG <33 She was so amazing, so "Doctor" herself, and she had so much chemistry with the Doctor. I don't usually ship the Doctor with any other female character of the show, much less with good old Rose, but River... She is brave, she is smart. She has her own sonic screwdriver! What I didn't like was the ending of "Forest of the Dead" but what can I do.

Oh, and my thoughts on Donna Noble? Well, I like her most of the times, but sometimes she is f*cking annoying because it's like she can't shut up, and she's always... overexcited (I don't even know if this word exists) So no, I don't think she's any better than Martha, which doesn't mean I don't like her. It only means I won't miss her when she's gone :P
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