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Incluso a los de imdb les va el petrellicest :O Para mí esto es como decir que es el petrellicest es canon, ñajñajñaj

Now, I took this meme from makesomelove, who's not on my f-list, but I guess I had to say it.

Post three IMDB plot keywords for 10 of your favourite shows/movies. Have your friends guess their names. 

1. Criminal Investigation / Detective / Forensic Evidence---> CSI:Las Vegas
2. Doctor / Seattle Washington / Medical---> Grey's anatomy
3. Action Hero / Gun Nut / Space Fight---> Firefly
4. Death Of Loved One / Lesbian Kiss / Vampire Human Love---> Bram Stoker's Dracula
5. Brother Brother Relationship / Missing Father / Ghost Hunter---> Supernatural
6. Stabbed In The Chest /  Runaway  / Claw---> X-men
7. Hallucination / Femme Fatale / Space Marine---> Battlestar Galactica
8. Memories / Pop Music / Female Detective---> Cold Case
9. Washington D.C. / FBI Agent / Anthropologist---> Bones
10. Male Nudity / Transvestite / Bare Butt---> 300

No he elegido Heroes entre los 10 porque al haber puesto la foto sobre el petrellicest sería demasiado fácil.

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