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SPN 6x15 is made of win

Did you see the latest episode of Supernatural? I LOVED IT!!!! I know we haven't got further with the plot but damn, I had so much fun!!!! It was totally hilarious!!!!

That's all I can say about the episode. MADE.OF.WIN.

For example, when we first see Genevieve's name as "Genevieve Padalecki"

I melt inside when I read it. I know it's silly, but it's so sweet... &hearts &hearts &hearts

I had so much fun with their jokes about their names and specifically, "Padalecki"

Another part of this episode which I REALLY REALLY LOVED was Misha tweeting ALL.THE.TIME. OHMYGOD THAT WAS A TRUE "ROTFLMAO" as he writes...

yeah, well, that's in Spanish. Because another thing I loved was when he and Jared spoke in Spanish, especially Misha and his:

YEAAAH, WE ARE HIS MISHAMIGOS &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts

And because many fans wanted Kripke dead:

This scene was also hilarious. I mean, a little like Tarantino or Robert Rodríguez. Almost expected to see Dany Tejo walking around XDD

We also got another Raphael:

A woman, this time. I hope she stays around longer than the previous one. She can be a trully badass!!! 'Cause I love to see women showing their power, especially when they're evil.

And also, I had to keep a pic of Castiel showing his wings

I SO NEED AN ICON (GIF) OF THAT!!!! Castiel, we love you &hearts

Must say, though, that I was a bit sad when I saw that Misha was murdered. Poor Misha :( Haha, and did you hear the director and Kripke talking about his death? ohmygosh, IT IS CERTAINLY ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES IN THE HISTORY OF SUPERNATURAL.

Absolutely made of win :)

After this one, we'll have another episode and then another hiatus :( I suppose it'll end with a cliffhanger of those we hate so much...
Tags: angeles p0rn0graficos de mirada sucia, best episode ever, nunca hay series suficientes, picspam, supernatural

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