December 9th, 2011

DW - Martha

If Martha Jones became a legend, then that's wrong because my name isn't important

Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show

Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

When Martha Jones was four years old, she broke her arm. She had been playing in the park with her brother, riding the swings a little too enthusiastically. She flew off the seat, and for one moment she was actually airborne, it could only have been a split second, and Martha loved it, she was going up and up like an astronaut -and then there was gravity and the ground and dirt and a sharp crack.
"It's not my fault", said Leo, "she kept asking me to push her harder" And then he burst into tears.
Martha supposed she really ought to be crying too -after all, she was the one who was actually in pain. But she was being driven to hospital, it was an adventure, and the whole thing was rather too exciting for tears.
"Nothing to worry about", said the doctor, "it's a clean break, look". And he showed the Jones family the X-rays.
Martha asked if that was really her arm, it looked so strange and ghostly.
"That's what it's like underneath", explained the doctor, and smiled at her.
Underneath. It was like a secret world, something which had been hidden from her until that moment.
The doctor told her the arm would have to be put in a cast for a while, "just to give the bones time to knit back together".
"You mean", asked Martha, a little breathless, "that my arm is going to fix itself?"
The doctor nodded. "You'll be as right as rain", he told her. "You're such a brave little girl".
Martha wanted to tell him that it wasn't bravery at all, it was curiosity -but the doctor had been so nice, she didn't want to seem rude.
"I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up", Martha told her parents that evening over dinner [...]
But she didn't change her mind. For Christmas that year she was given a toy stethoscope: it came in a plastic box, and on the cover there was a picture of a little boy trying very hard to look medical. Martha was disappointed that the stethoscope didn't actually work. The nurse outfit that dad gave her was much more practical, and had a girl on the box instead, but Martha found that far less interesting. And books! - so many books, all about how the body worked, what the heart did, the lungs, the blood cells. By the time she was a teenager, and all her school friends had pictures of George Michael on their bedroom walls, Martha instead displayed posters of the human skeleton, each bone arrowed and named.[]
And each night, with the skeleton gazing down at her, surrounded by increasingly complex books about anatomy, Martha would dream. She would dream about the doctor she would become.

From the book The Story of Martha

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