June 26th, 2011

DW - Martha

Second best bullshit. Martha Jones is smarter than you

First of all, I want to apologise to all my f-list who don't get a shit in Spanish, because long ago I said I would write in English so I could improve it and lahalalhlala and then... nothing :P I don't know, most of the times I don't feel like it.

Second: I finished watching Doctor Who season 3, yesterday. I know a lot of people bitched about Martha and how annoying she was due to her love for the Doctor, but you know what? I've always thought she was awesome. Maybe it's because I was never quite fond of Rose that as soon as Martha appeared, I loved her. I've always felt she was cute and adorable. Yeah, her love for the Doctor was almost surreal and 70% unbelievable (I never believed it) but she kept going, she never made a fuss about it, never got super-jealous. I mean, it's like watching a film with a lot of FX and being unable to see the plot or the good performances of the cast. I saw that she pined after the Doctor but that never stopped me from seeing how amazing and smart she is. Smart, loyal, strong, brave, funny,... She's every woman (like the song!)

Thing is, I almost purchased this series because I love Martha. However, I won't do it, I won't even download the episodes from the Internet and record them in a DVD. Why? Because of RTD and his obsession with Rose. It's always "Rose this, Rose that,... blahblablah" So you loved her? ok, but don't treat Martha the way you did. Poor Martha didn't deserve to be constantly reminded of the previous companion of the Doctor and she certainly didn't deserve to be so poorly written as a character. She had so much potential and they just used her a "the girl who travelled with the Doctor after he lost his love" And the Doctor? Always behaving so cold around her. He never gave her (enough) credit for the things she did, regardless of his rejection, and I think that's what hurt her most, not the fact that he'll never love her like she loves him but the fact that he is too blind to see how amazing she is. But she knows she is amazing and now she doesn't need him to see it. Except in the end. Too little, too late.

I loved the last three episodes of this season 3, especially the last one, although I must say I was expecting something more exciting but... yeah, it was cool.  Collapse )

I also saw the Christmas episode with Kylie Minogue as a guest star and I immediately missed Martha. Doctor Who will never be the same without her. Yeah, I know Donna Noble is the next companion and I have the feeling that I will love her and she'll be "my second best" :D I think Martha should have been around for more episodes, yet I love how she was able to carry on with ther life,  her degree, her family,... I mean, SHE IS SO STRONG AND I ADMIRE HER SO MUCH *insert thousand of little hearts here*

I'll try to begin watching season 4 asap.