March 28th, 2011

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You can't steal an award for Best Original Score without making some enemies

I've just got back from cinema, where I went to see The Social Network (in English, so that's why I'm writing in English) and since our "dear" Mark used livejournal in the first minutes of the film, I felt I had to do something similar XD I mean, I won't create (or steal) any social network or anything. And I do hope I won't be like in him if we talk about social behaviour and such.

I think the film was OK. Entertaining, exhausting at times 'cause they spoke so quickly that I had to read the subtitles every once in a while (and I'm pretty sure that Jessie had to have a hard time learning the dialogues), and the "characters" were all good portrayed. However, I wouldn't have awarded this film with four Golden Globes. Nop. No way. I won't deny they deserved the awards for best adapted screenplay, maybe for best director, but I don't think they deserved the Golden Globe for best film. IMHO, The King's Speech is a much better film. It's more touching and more inspiring. The only thing TSN made me feel was pity for poor Eduardo, who just happend to be such a good person that he went and made friends with a complete jerk. TSN is a good film, really good, indeed, but it wasn't the best film of this season.

Now, the music. How on earth they had given this film a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Score? WHAT.THE.HELL? I've seen  some films (made exclusively for local tv network) with better soundtracks than this one. Out of all songs there are in this fillm, I only liked one of them, which sounds when Mark and the other guy played by Justin Timberlake are at the night club. That's the only good song, in my opinion. Perhaps it had been better if Timberlake had done all the songs. Just saying.

Btw, it's been raining all day and I'm starting to feel like a toad.