October 26th, 2010

HP - Keep calm

Someone avadakedavraed my brain cells

So, just a quick first note to tell you that today, for our English class, we had the company of a guy from Liverpool. I don't know how you call it, we'd call him something like "a reader". I'm just too tired. I mean, there's a point when my brain can't work properly. Even if sometimes I didn't pay attention to what he said, which happened twice at least, I ended up really really tired in the end. I mean (and I hope he never gets to read this) he explained something about Grammar Schools and I don't know what the hell he said because I was... in the clouds, or somewhere farer. I was so relieved when he didn't ask me what I thought about Grammar Schools :) And thank God, in the next hour, the teacher didn't ask me anything, either, because I couldn't have answered a single thing.

I'm not sure if I have a brain right now. It could be just like a dead sponge, as well.

Oh, btw, did you hear about Paul, the octopuss? He died :( I'm so sorry. We had much fun with him in Spain. You know, he'll be in our hearts forever.

And now, more HP questions from the 30 days meme:

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