September 19th, 2010

LOTR - Arwen  =)

Yes. I'm the Half Blood Prince

I think I had Harry Potter a little forgotten. Let's do something about it with another 30daysof... meme, which I'll post some days so we (you&me) don't get too bored with only the rings (as if we could! nonsense!)

Day 1 - Your favorite book

I loved the whole mystery around the half-blood prince, I think it was brilliant and very well written (the cliffhanger was awesome) I also loved that we know a little more about Voldemort and how he became who who ended up being, the whole thing about horrcruxes and the death of Dumbledore, something which is sad but needed (I always believe everything happens for a reason) And something very loveable was the developing of the love story of Ron and Hermione, with the funny bits and all. The only thing I hated in this book was that Harry didn't win the Quidditch Cup with Ginny and Ron (I always get bored when I read a book in which Harry doesn't play quidditch), but the kiss was great, although nobody knows where that came from.

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