September 16th, 2010

LOTR - Arwen  =)

The Sea calls us home

OK. So maybe it's time that I start doing the 30 days of LOTR meme. Actually, I've got two different memes about lotr, so I'll answer questions from both of them.

So: #1. Your favourite book

I don't really have a favourite book other than The Silmarillion. If I have to choose between FoTR, TTT, and RoTK, I'd chosen the last one despite the fact that the battle at Pelennor fields is not my favourite battle . But Arwen speaks here, and it's here when I have the feeling that she is like a mini-Galadriel, all wise and powerful, and the very little time she's there, it makes me want to read more about her, it makes me wish she'd be in the story more time. And the story has a happy ending but with sacrifices, and there are sad bits, most of the Elves are leaving, Elrond and Arwen say farewell to each other forever, Frodo leaves (and not many people know it's Arwen who asks Gandalf to take Frodo with them when they leave Middle-Earth),...

And also, the third book (the good editions) include the appendices and I think they're very important to understand what went on, before this story and later. I found it very useful to make a little chronology for Aragorn and Arwen :)

Ok, talked too much here. Fotr is too slow in the beginning (and duh, Tom Bombadil), Ttt was too boring (with no Arwen, what the hell, Tolkien?!!) So... yep, Return of the King

Aragorn and Arwen get married, at night. So romantic!!!

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