July 30th, 2010

LOTR - Arwen  =)


I watched The Tudors last night. It's been on TV for two or three weeks now but I've never seen it before. And I chose the original voice, so I could hear their own accents. Everything was ok, save for  Jonathan Rhys Meyers yelling all the time as if he were giving birth a child or something. And the other thing that bothered me a little were the Spanish accents. I didn't know John's role was that of Henry, the Henry who wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon (Catalina, please) and marry Anne Boleyn. So you can hear some Spanish on this show, and it was cool until I realized their Spanish accent (her and the actor who plays Mendoza) was... weird. It's correct, most of the time, but sometimes they say an "r" in a strange way, not very natural, and sometimes it was like watching a latin soap opera, for example, when Catherine is saying farewell to her daughter.

Why couldn't they hire a Spanish actress for that role? I'd say: Assumpta Serna. I believe she's married to a Scottish actor, and I think she lives there so she could provide a good acting and a true Spanish accent. The happy coincidence is that she was Catherine of Aragorn in another tv drama about Henry VIII. I would call it "easy choice" =)

I have to rant talk a little about it, but not today. I'm off to work now ¬¬