July 22nd, 2010

LOTR - Arwen  =)

Far far away

I've spent two mornings downloading Farscape. I haven't finished yet and I've only seen 3 episodes so far, but I think it's cool, even for a tv show with puppets. I usually hate any science-fiction show which features puppets, I can't stand them, but maybe this one will be an exception. I love Ryges or Rygus or however-the-hell-he-is-called, the tiny puppet. He's so funny. The guy farts helium!! :D John's really cool, very human. Aeryn is too cold, too much like Eowyn from LOTR, and although I appreciate females characters who are fighters, these two are way too cold to me. A little heart and brain is also worthy, girls. Zhaan reminds me of elves. I like the Pilot. And I don't really care about the spacial rasta alien.

Anyway, although I've only seen 3 episodes and I know I still can't judge properly, I like Battlestar Galactica better, it was more realistic, and it has one thing I really love: you can't hear any sound out there, because there is no air. The only sounds you hear in that show are from inside the battleships, not from the explosions and such. And it's also a show that you can relate easily to, even people who don't like science-fiction can like Battlestar Galactica. So philosophical and so true...

Well, time to move on. I don't have much time to watch the episodes. My work schedule this week is being weird and it's a little difficult to plan things I gotta do. So now I'm going to brush my teeth (not with a worm, as John does on Farscape) and then... oh, job ¬¬