July 17th, 2010

Twilight - Time to kill Bella

I watched "New Moon" on tv, yesterday. And I survived.

+The film is too long. 20 minutes less would be fine

+Jacob and Jacob/Bella is so boring that I found myself reading a True Blood book during those scenes.It's also funny that Jacob and Jacob/Bella are seen as the healthy choice for Bella because, although Jacob tells her he would never EVER hurt her (mwhahaha, look what he did in Eclipse), he hurts her anyway. First, he doesn't want to show up because he has become a werewolf and doesn't want to tell her about it because OMG, HE THINKS HE COULD HURT HER SO HE BELIEVES HE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM HER. Mmmm, I think I've heard that before...

Wait. Edward. yes =)

+Edward/Robert is ok. He does a good job with the time and scenes that he is given. I loved his scenes with Bella, although I felt they could have been more. They felt like too little.

+That "round and round and round" scene in which we see Bella sitting in a chair, looking out the window. Wasn't there another way to show her depression and the passing of time? I didn't like the "nightmares" scenes. Too much screaming. I think she should have cried a lot more. More sobbing and less screaming. We need to feel how depressed she was, like she was about to cut her wrists or something. And yes, the whole "I'm going to almost kill myself to see Edward"... I didn't buy it. Well, never, not even in the books.

+Michael Sheen is absolutely the best thing in this film. He owns his character &hearts

+Oh, I also loved how Edward punched Jacob. YEEEEEEEES, AND WHY DON'T YOU F*CKING KILL HIM so we can all be happy forever and ever?

+The ending was too awkward. Just "will you marry me?" and that's all?

+Mm, I forgot about the scene of Bella and Edward running though the meadow. Was that supposed to show that in Alice's vision Bella is a vampire? Because I didn't see her sparkling as Edward does. Does this mean Edward drinks too much Coke and the bubbles try to get out of his system and therefore he sparkles?

PS. Carlisle Cullen = hottest vampire in Forks. And Alice Cullen = Mrs. Vogue. I love her clothes
Ps II. Despite all this crap, I still love Edward. I can't help myself