July 9th, 2010

LOTR - Arwen  =)

An octopus predicted my death

Really. I don't want to mock that little octopus, but come on, how can people believe in that "prediction" crap?

I saw it on Spanish tv news today. It's fucking boring, two days before the final match and all they talk about is "football" For people like me, who doesn't like football, well, we are too tired of this. Besides, people are acting like we were already world champions and we haven't won ANYTHING. Ok. It's all right if you're happy but that's not the same as proclaiming you are going to win for sure.

Back on Paul: if I'm not wrong, when the two boxes were put in the tank (Holland on the left, and Spain on the right), Paul was on the right of the tank. He opened the Spanish box because it was the nearest to him. To be clear: this is only what I believe, I don't have the pleasure of meeting Mr.Paul (not that I want to, btw), but I think he felt lazy today and didn't want to open one box and then the other one.

As for the match: I'm always skeptical, I always think it's gonna happen the worst, but how couldn't I? The Dutch people are more humble, I believe, so I think they deserve to win. People here are too sure about the victory, and I'm afraid they could pay for that with a defeat.

I only believe in things I see. I didn't see the Spanish team winning a World Cup. I can't foretell what's going to happen. Neither can Paul. Duh, he failed his prediction for the last EuroCup final, didn't he?

The only thing I know for sure is that I'll go to the cinema on Sunday afternoon, just like I did last Wednesday. I went to see "The picture of Dorian Gray", better film than I expected.
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