June 27th, 2010

LOTR - Arwen - Bruinen

Haters to the left. 30 Days. Day 24

Day 24--> Whatever tickles your fancy

Did you ever happen to love a pairing or a character that are constantly bashed by most people? This is something I wrote two days ago for reasons I’ll explain under the cut. It’s about Arwen but it can apply to other characters too, like Sara Sidle, or Bela Talbot or Grissom/Sara… So many that it’s sad

Ok, I’m not very good at putting my ideas in order, but I’d love to say a few things about Arwen, her haters and some fans of Eowyn (two concepts that sometimes are the same one)

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I like Sara Sidle (CSI:LAS VEGAS) I like Bela Talbot (SUPERNATURAL), I like the Ruby portrayed by Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki (SUPERNATURAL) (and I don’t prefer one Ruby to the other because they’re basically the same if you look closely) I like Arwen (LOTR) I like Edward Cullen (TWILIGHT) And I probably like many other characters who are constantly bashed by these losers.


 My dear anti-Arwen: THIS IS FOR YOU:


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Hala, ya me quedé a gusto :)

ps. You might find some grammar mistakes in the text. I apologize:)