June 5th, 2010

LOTR - Arwen  =)

30 Days. Day 2

Day 02--> Your favourite movie : The fearless vampire killers

This is the movie I've seen more times in my life (unless you count all 3 lotr movies) It's really special for me. I remember watching this movie on tv when I was staying in my grandma's house, as a child. I always, always wanted to watch this movie.

At times hilarious, this comedy movie is directed by Roman Polanski and it has vampires, a dusty creepy castle in the middle of nowhere, and two men looking for vampires to kill. Oh, and a gay vampire who falls for Alfred (Roman Polanski) It's like a parody of Bram Stoker's Dracula (by FFC), which I also love because... you know, Gary Oldman =)

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