May 31st, 2010

LOTR - Arwen - Bruinen

And they call it elvish love &hearts

I got my "new" LOTR book, this morning,"the rough guide to the lord of the rings". I'm a bit disappointed:

First: it's much smaller than I expected it to be. It really doesn't matter, I like the book, but it's also... weird. So many data in so little space. Let's talk about crowded pages.

2nd: THERE.AREN'T.ANY.F*CKING.PICTURES.OF.ARAGORN.AND.ARWEN.TOGETHER. NONE.  On the other hand, there are at least 4 pictures in which Aragorn and Éowyn appear together (not "together" as a couple, but... you know, the two of them) WHAT.THE.HELL!!!!!!!!!!!1111 They included a picture of the extended scene from ROTK in which Éowyn wakes up from a nightmare and takes Aragorn's hand in hers. WHAT.THE.HELL[part II] And there's also a picture of one of the promotional posters of TTT, that one with Aragorn in the middle, between Arwen and Éowyn. This whole "love triangle thing" makes me sick. I feel I want to paint a big black cross on Éowyn's face in every single picture, and that's sad because I really like her character but I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the idea of the two of them romantically involved. No.f*cking.way *angry face*

3rd: Almost no information about Arwen. I know (because I've already read it in this book) that there weren't many women in Tolkien's life and it likely influenced him on writing LOTR, but still... I mean, she was so cool in the movies (Liv Tyler was the best Arwen they could have ever chosen) I will always thank PJ and his wife (specially, his wife) for what they did to Arwen's character. I'm not completely happy with Rotk (it'd have been better to see Arwen riding to give Ánduril to Aragorn, not Elrond), but I think they did a very good job. But, like I said: not enough Arwen, which makes me unhappy =(

I haven't read this book yet. I was going to re-read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets but I've changed my mind and I'll read this book first. It seems to be full of details about the movies and the books. Details I'm probably well aware of, since I've seen all dvd's and listened to almost all audio-commentaries; I skipped the ones by producers, from the TT dvd's, they seemed too happy with the love triangle bullshit.