September 12th, 2007

LOTR - Arwen  =)

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Last night, I dreamed of me watching csi:las vegas, and Grissom and Sara kissed!!!!, it was a short kiss, like a  "honey, I'm home" kiss, but it was soooo cute and I couldn't stop thinking about how many icons could be made...

Yesterday, I watched Blade II twice because it has two commentaries: one by Guillermo del Toro and Peter Frankfurt, and the other one by David S. Goyer and Wesley Snipes. I think Mr. Snipes corrupts Goyer, there was a moment when they started talking about how Leonor Varela (Nyssa Damaskinos) should show more flesh, you know what I mean?, and about how Blade should get laid in this movie and stuff like that. I kept thinking "men...", maybe Sylar stole their brains :P

Last entry edited with 3 Callum Keith Rennie pics from Blade Trinity.