February 20th, 2007

LOTR - Arwen  =)

"What do you expect me to do with this?" "Save the world"

Hoy tenemos una de cal y otra de arena.

Lo malo es BSG 1x15, que es un roooooollo. Enough said.

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Y ahora, como viene siendo habitual, un meme. Lo tenía guardadito en el disco duro desde hace ni-se-sabe, y no tengo ni pajolera idea de quién lo posteó, así que... allá va.

If you had your choice of any celebrity or fictional character (living or dead) who would you choose to be the following:

01. Who is your best friend? Anna Paquin

02. Who is your mother? Laura Roslin, from BSG

03. Who is your father? George Lucas

04. Who is your older sibling? Younger sibling? Older sibling: Vile Valo (HIM), younger sibling: Maggie Simpson, from The Simpsons

05. Who is your prom date? Clark Kent, from Smallville

06. Who do you have a no-strings-attached one-night stand with? Michael Trucco

07. Who do you date for a year or two? Eric Bana (or Hugh Jackman)

08. Who do you marry? Hugh Jackman (or Eric Bana)

09. Who is your boss? Mr. Bennet, from Heroes

10. Who is/are your next door neighbor(s)?  Mohinder Suresh and Sylar, from Heroes