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Older&Still the Same

Been pretty busy these days. This is the first moment I can sit down and write something, and show you my birthday presents!! Of course, I want to thank all of you who wished me a happy day, you really made my day ^_^ I had a really fantastic day and I almost forgot I'm a year older now :D


Well, my sister was the first person who gave me something for my birthday. She bought these pair of trainers in December, because she knew I wanted them:

Then, one of my friends started the definitive craziness. She sent me a text message telling me to check my e-mail and there I found a ppt she made, which was something like this:

I was over the moon already!!! but in the end, the text said "this isn't your gift". What? this was amazing! I had so much fun watching it. Oh, the song which sounds when I watch it is "carry on my wayward son". Imagine yourself watching this while you're listening to that song...

And later, that morning, I received a letter from Hogwarts. Yes, you've read well:

Again: WHAAAAT???? I think I'm too old to be accepted at Hogwarts :D

And then, in the afternoon, I got this pretty, pretty notebook:

My friend MP BM does cross stich. She has a website and a facebook page as well. You can find what she does (and sells) here:




If you have any doubts or want to order something, write to: pedidospunto@hotmail.es

Ok, and after these minutes of commercials, more pictures!

Omy sent me this Rorschach doll. I've got a Rorschach doll!!! it's so cool! Well, a Rorschach doll and the head of Elmo, so I think Rorschach can change his own head in case he doesn't want to be noticed:

We had coffe and muffins, as you can see:

it was all delicious! unfortunately, the waiter was a bit rude. I'm not sure whether I'm coming back to that place...

And finally... on Friday, we celebrated my sister's birthday, which was the day before but I couldn't give her a present because I had to work and yaddayadda...

Chocolate&churros. AS you can see, it has been a pretty good week, after all :D

I'm sorry if my post has been dull. I think my English is rather rusty at the moment
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