ellektra (ellektra) wrote,

Book 27

Title: Specials
Author: Scott Westerfeld
380 pages

I know that, when you write a love triangle, eventually you have to break it. But...  ugh. It's better not to write any love triangle, at all. Period.

Shay, Tally's friend, is still a bit annoying. What's worse: she's Tally's boss in a group inside the Specials, so Tally calls her "boss" all the time. Also, Shay is a better Special than Tally so she's cool but Tally acts like a fool, like someone rather insecure.

In the book, Shay accuses Tally of being "selfish" and well, I'd say that Tally was selfish in the first book and that led to what happened later, but I wouldn't says she's totally selfish in "Specials" Yes, she doesn't care about Shay the way Shay cares about her, but that's probably because she's in love with Zane and can't do (or doesn't want to do) anything without him.

When Zane appears, for Tally everything is about him. I can't blame her, she's in love. The down side is that she's too busy and worried about his tremblings and mediocricy, due to the damage caused to his brain by the pill he took. Tally focused too much on that and she can't enjoy his company. What's even worse, Shay doesn't let her, because they must help their team. Well, I don't think she's right. Poor Zane needed help.

It's sad the way Tally behaves when she's around Zane. She can't even look at him without feeling sick. And she does whatever it takes to turn him into a Special, like she is. Yes, that's selfish, but I'm not sure if that's caused by her selfishness or by the brain damage she may have in her brain.

Zane appears very little in the story. I miss him most of the time. He has a moment of intimacy with Tally on the beach, before she starts feeling sick again. THAT IS SO SAD... I really wanted them to be together and instead of that we get...


WHAT-THE-HELL?????? I mean, the guy was so sweet. He loved her so much that he wanted to have a surgery that could kill him, only to be like she wanted him to be. And he could have been saved!!! except for the stupid war ¬¬ Poor Zane, and poor Tally that never gets to be with him :(

The war was an interesting subject that could have been explored a little more. It was worth it. But we are told very little about it.

We get a very disappointing ending. It felt rushed and opened so maybe one day, Tally and DAvid get together now that Zane is dead. Yeah, Tally herself thinks that David is cute, but she herself thinks "he's not Zane".

But I didn't like the ending. I wanted Zane alive and happy with Tally, which wasn't what I got.

I know there is a fourth book, but... don't really care. Zane's not in it--> not worth reading.
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