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Me, the Comedian

Yesterday, I made my teacher and our British  guy laugh. We were only  9 or 10 people in class and the subject we were discussing was terribly boring: tourism, positive and negative aspects.

Like I care. The only positive thing I see is money and that includes employment, of course.

Well, he said something like "tourists can be very irritating" and I couldn't help myself and said: "my neighbours are irritating and they live here all the time" Seriously, my neighbours are very very irritanting. I can't believe they're actually so noisy and so "hayseed" (if that's the word) They're as bad as any touristy place full of tourists.

Yeah, they laughed so hard...

Now, talking about tourism, my problem is that I can't come up with any idea because I don't really care. Benidorm, one of the things we talked about, is a black hole on our map, it's already lost and I think we can't do anything to fix it. It's lost. And it will be one of the places that will be flooded  when the waters rise. My point is: I don't live in a touristy area so I don't really care about the subject. Except that, when I go to the library, which is in a historic building, sometimes it gets a bit crowded with tourists and I have to wait untill all of them have gone out before I can get into it.

Oh, hey, I talked a little about tourism, didn't I? XDD

In the second hour, we played a game to revise some grammar. One of the things I had to answer was a question about a book I think is brilliant. Of course, I said "The Silmarillion". I'm obsessed with that book, I know! So now my partners know I'm a geek ^_^

See you tomorrow. Have fun, behave!

ps. I almost forgot!: happy birthday to oberon_titania ! I hope you're having a great day!
Tags: english pitinglish, esdla, friki planet, libros, my so called life

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