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Book 24

Title: Brisingr
Author: Christopher Paolini
748 pages

This book is the third part of "The Inheritance" series which began with "Eragon". Unfortunately, the book was only available in English, in the library I usually go to, and it's been difficult to read, though I must say I skipped some parts which I didn't consider important (such of those who talked about Roran (Eragon's cousin) or the dwarves) I only read what I thought could be important.

-Eragon. He obviously doesn't like fighting. He hates taking lives and this time, he forgives Sloan who, I think, is Katrina's father and not a good person. I don't really understand Eragon. I suppose that, after what happens in Brisingr, he has changed a little but after two books he's still that young boy who found an egg. I mean, I think Paolini has failed at developing his character. Perhaps he's too busy telling us what happens, giving us new information, because I don't really see any difference in Eragon, other than accepting that Arya will never love him.

He seems ok with that. I don't know why, but he thinks he can't love another one like he loves Arya. But maybe there's another elf or another immortal creature waiting for him, becase obviously he won't take a mortal woman as a spouse, him being immortal and all.

One thing I can highlight is the fact that now I really, really feel the bond between him and Saphira. After Glaedr and Oromis died, I can feel their pain and how alone they feel.

-Arya. I still think she's a bitch. I'll tell you something: I found on Google a website which asked people whether they prefer Arya or Arwen(LOTR), and most people chose Arya just because, in this story, she fights; and we don't see Arwen fighting in lotr. But Arya is very cold. She's trully a mixture of eowyn and Arwen, including the fact that she's a cold hard bitch.
I know her circumstances made her what she is. I know that she fell in love with an elf and he died and she doesn't want to have the chance to lose someone again. I know that Eragon must seem a very young child to her eyes. But I can't forgive her for the way she turned him down.

She's still too cold with him. She didn't like that Eragon showed mercy to Sloan.

And since Paolini doesn't write her with Eragon much, I can't say how that changes. I think he wants them to end up together, but he spent too many pages writing about the dwarves or Roran, and Eragon being away from where Arya is... They fought together, a little but... I don't know how Paolini is going to make it happen.

At one point of the story, she gives him advice, before separating from each other, and it's like she worries about him, or perhaps she feels something about him...

Sorry, I just don't know how Paolini is going to mend it.

Oh, I almost forget: I really love Eragon's new sword. Maybe it's silly that it gets on fire when he says "fire" in the ancient language, but well. See? this is another thing I hated from this book: why so many pages to describe how they make the sword?? Who cares?!

-As for the rest of the characters... I don't care about Roran, his wife Katrina (boring pages, as hell), the dwarves, the evil evil Elva (creepy Elva, I should say),... blah.

Well, I suppose it's cool that Brom has turned out to be Eragon's father, as it was also cool to find out what Eragon's mother was really like; that was very interesting.

I'm sorry, Paolini, but you could have given us all the important new information without boring us for so many pages. I don't really think it was necessary to write four books when you can tell the same in only three.
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