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I should be working :)

Suddenly, I want to rush and finish the 30 days of lotr asap, and I think I can do that in 3 or 4 posts. Problem is, I don't know what to do once I've finished it.

Oh, also, you know when you're truly obsessed with something when you find yourself on google. It's happened to me with this fandom and with wolverine/rogue. Shame!!!

Day 16.1 - Best death scene

Obviously, Boromir's death. Though I've never been a Boromir fan, because I prefer his brother Faramir.

Day 17.1 - A scene you glad they included in the movie that wasn't in the book?

it's also a scene that makes me laugh, and Eomer smiles!!

Day 18.1 - Character you wish had been featured in the movies


Seriously, guys, everybody still complains because Glorfindel isn't in the film and nobody says a word about Halbarad. How come is that? I can't believe it. Aragorn trusts him, and so does Arwen (she gave him the standart she made for Aragorn in secret) Oh, and yes, the poor guy dies in the battle. Shame, shame

Day 19.1 - Re-edit the movies: what scene would not make the cut?

The break up scene.

Out of character for both of them, but since they changed a little the plot, this one. I was going to say that I'd remove "Arwen leaving for the Grey Havens" scene but then I realised that that scene wouldn't be there if it wasn't for this scene: the break up. Everytime I watch this, I just want to punch Aragorn *BAMF!!!!*

Day 20.1 - A scene that always makes you cry

Elrond's vision about the future of Arwen

The reason why I've chosen this scene over the scene when Frodo says goodbye to his friends, is because this scene is the one that makes me cry both in the book and in the film. I think no one can watch Liv's tears and not be moved to tears. It's so well done, one of the best "translated" scenes from the book to the films. It's also here when people understand what Aragorn and Arwen's story is about. How it's a sweet and romantic story but with a very sad ending. Simply perfect.

Tha other scene when Frodo leaves Middle Earth is a close second, but it only makes me cry in the film. It lacks of something in the book.

Day 30.1 - Name a favorite scene?

Sorry, I can't think of any scene right now (besides flight to the ford or any other scene with Arwen, or Aragorn,...) I mean, there are a lot of beautiful and good scenes so it's difficult to choose one I'd prefer over the rest. So, watch this instructive video about the word "f*ck". It's amazing, really :)

how many times I've written the word "scene". Probably, as much as Dean says "bitch"
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