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Estelio ammen

Aaaaagh, it IS SO COLD!!! I feel like a penguin, except that I'm not "cute and cuddly" :D

Day 10: Do you think that reading The Hobbit will help understanding the trilogy?

It does, definetely. It's the story in which Bilbo finds the One Ring, and you get to know that the Ring makes its wearer invisible. There's also Gollum in the story. It's always interesting to know the previous history. However, I'd say The Silmarillion is more important when it comes to really "understand" the trilogy.

10.1 -
Favorite scene in Elvish

Very romantic scene, perfect, imo.

Everytime I watch this scene I think "omg, I SO want to be like Arwen" I mean, how can people hate her when she's so strong and steady??. Any woman should want to be like her, powerful without the need of killing anything. Also, Liv speaks Elvish beautifully and, just like Rhys-Davies said "what a presence"
Tags: 30 days of lotr, arwen/aragorn, cinema, esdla, libros, meme

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