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Death's in love with us wowowoow

Haha, sorry, I was thinking about HIM :)

I should be doing something useful with my life right now, like studying my beloved English grammar book, but I'm so lazy!!! So.... yes :) Harry Potter!

Omg! I can't wait to see Voldie again! (yeah, I'm such a boring person, sometimes, sorry)

Day 23 - Any part of the books/movies that makes you cry?

There are several parts that make me cry, but right now I can only think of two: one is when Sirius Black dies and the other is when Harry finds the Erised Mirror and sees his parents with him, so he spends a lot of time watching the mirror. It's very sad and I always feel sorry for him. Another sad part is when Hedwig dies, or when Fred Weasley dies, or when Tonks and Lupin die.... DAMNIT, ROWLING!!!! ¬¬

Day 24 - Any particular scene you wished would have been put in the movie but it wasn’t?

That I can remember... I'll say when Harry kissed Ginny in Half-Blood Prince, as in the book, not what se saw in the film because that was an awful kiss and Daniel stood there as if he had a long stick put in his ass or something. Or perhaps any scene involving Voldemort's background.

Day 25 - Nineteen years later. Are you happy how it turned out, or do you wish something was different, ie) Neville married Luna?

Wait!!! I KNOW NEVILLE MARRIED LUNA. Maybe JK Rowling was too busy killing characters but I'm sure they married sometime after DH. I don't really care about everything else. The point of this series was to kill Voldemort and that's what they did, so... Ron and Harry could have married and I'd be ok with that (just kidding) Well, there's something I'd change: no Albus Severus, please. NO BAD NAMES.

Day 26 - If you could be able to work one spell without a wand what would it be?

AVADA KEDAVRA!!!! Imagine if you could make that one work without a wand ^_^

Day 27 - Would you rather own The Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone or The Elder Wand?

Resurrection Stone, dude.

Day 28 - Do you listen to Wizard Wrock? What do you think about it?


Ok, after doing some research on Google... it looks funny but I've never ever heard anything of that.

Day 29 - Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?

I've enjoyed what I've seen so far, which is not much because when you spend some time watching videos on youtube, it suddenly starts loading more and more slower but from what I've seen: yes, I love it. It's as amazing as the books themselves

Day 30 - What affect has Harry Potter made on your life and how much does it mean to you?

Right now, I can say I'm more obsessed about LOTR than HP but the only thing I regret is not having read it before. It took me a long time to start reading the books because I'm surrounded mostly by people who have prejudices towards these books but one day I decided to give them a try, and God, they're amazing. I know not everybody has to like Harry Potter but it's such an amazing saga, a magical world that makes you want to be a child and go to Hogwarts to learn Wizardry... I'm just not as obsessed as other people are. And I don't have much money to spend on this fandom either. Perhaps, when the last film is released and time has gone by, perhaps I'll be able to buy more books and some items (dolls, posters, etc)

There. Done!
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