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Rimmo nin Bruinen dan in Ulaer!

Seriously, girls. What's up with the "question tags"?  Sometimes the entonation goes up, sometimes it goes down, and I find it very difficult to know when it's up and when it's down. Why can't it always be the same? ¬¬

Whatever. Just another question from the LOTR meme, before I start my "month of doom" (which I'll explain, maybe, in a private post)

8.1 - Best use of magic or supernatural gifts

Arwen summoning the waters

It doesn't has sound, sorry, but it's the only video I could embed in this post.

That scene was awesome, it's the favourite scene from all of the three films for a lot of people and it worked pretty well. Personally, I think it was even better than the same scene in the book, where it isn't so emotional, epic and climatic.

I also think it was very in character for Arwen. A few days ago I made a mistake and said in a forum that I wondered why Tolkien didn't write it that way, and I was told that maybe Tolkien's idea about Arwen was different from mine. I don't think so. In fact, I think his and my idea about Arwen are the same, but I guess it was easier for him to write a male character.

Anyway, back to that scene. Simply amazing.
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