ellektra (ellektra) wrote,

Supernatural 6x04. Weekend at Bobby's

Ok, no spoilers this week :)

I really enjoyed this week's episode. Not much time for Sam and Dean, just Bobby trying to get his soul back and dealing with his daily problems, which usually means "helping others", answering the phone all the time as if he was a secretary,... That man is awesome! He kind of reminded me of those mothers who do so much for the others and are never thanked. That's Bobby. He totallly rocks in this episode and I'm glad that eventually he got his soul back.

I think I felt sorry for him when his blonde neighbour decided he was too complicated to have dinner with, but he took it really well. I mean, when he dies, he'll be a saint for sure. I'm surprised he hasn't suffered a heart attack yet!

What else?... well, it was good to see Rufus again. I didn't know he was so naughty :) almost like a little child. That man will never grow, will he? And the sheriff.... I hope she isn't fired for whatever she did. Obviously, it was the easy way to let it like that, without any explanation. We really don't know how he got out of jail and just like in the book "breaking down" by SMeyer: "don't ask" I hope that ain't the rule for this season, which is being really good, however.

I like the idea of how everything is completely messed up both in heaven and hell. It's so cool! Crowley the king of hell! When the demon said that I thought Bobby was going so say: "I thought that was Lucifer", but yeah, Lucifer is now inside a cage, like a pretty animal in a pet shop. So now, things are like the Wild Wild West :D or the Jungle! I love that idea :)

Oh, I almost forgot. Jensen directed the episode! Well, I have to say he did a good job. All of them did a good job. Because this doesn't feel like a "forward episode" but more like an easy one, one of those which they film to slow down the pace a little, but it has been really really good. One of my favourite episodes, yeah ^_^
Tags: best episode ever, nunca hay series suficientes, supernatural

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