ellektra (ellektra) wrote,

Grey ships pass into the West

a) Last night I dreamt about Supernatural, kinda. I was watching the first episode of season 6 on tv and I remember it was very gore and Sam was very creepy. Grampa Campbell was there and also Dean. This means, obviously, that I can't wait for the season to start.

b) More LOTR meme: #2.1 - Favorite location

Out of all places from Middle Earth, my favourite location is this. I know it's strange (I could choose Hobbiton or Rivendell or Rohan) but the Grey Havens are a solitary place with a lot of history, which goes back to the old times, and it's from here that the Elves leave Middle Earth forever. It has a feeling of melancholy and sadness. Oh, and the statues were amazing.
Tags: 30 days of lotr, esdla, libros, meme, nunca hay series suficientes, supernatural

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