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The son becomes the father and the father becomes the son

My sister gave me the Superman Returns dvd for my birthday, but I haven't watched anything until today. I've been watching the deleted scenes, the trailers and some minutes of the documentary. I didn't remember how much I love this movie although Superman has never been one of my favorite superheroes, but Bryan Singer is a fucking god. One of the deleted scenes shows Clark reading several newspapers which have news about facts that happened while he was away, and Clark takes one of them in his hands and reads about a train accident that killed many people and you can feel... I don't know, it's like you can feel that he feels guilty because he was not there to avoid the accident. And then he reads the "why people don't need Superman" written by Lois Lane. Poor Clark.

I also found one easter egg. You know, I have the X-men dvd (the first one, single disc edition) and I know there are 2 easter eggs that are hidden there, but I still haven't found them. I think one of them is the Spiderman one, I have seen it on you tube, but not the other one.

I still have to watch the entire documentary, but it seems to be very funny. Oh and I want to watch the movie again. I love that last part, when Superman says the same line his father said to him, the same one that titles this entry.

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