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Hail to the octopuss!

Paul is still a big star, as you can see :)

I know I said I couldn't afford it, and I still can't, but the other one was way too slow and I can't waste so much time. It was now or never. Also, my mom said she would help to pay it. I'm lucky :)

And thing is I have the chance to buy a printer half its price because I bought the laptop. We can buy up to 5 items and we'll pay 50% less. So yes, I guess I'll take it but I'm going to "suffer", economically speaking. I had a job interview recently but didn't got the job and well... let's hope I find something in the next months with a good schedule which allows me to go to the School of Languages.

Btw, the laptop's name is PAUL. Of course.
Tags: momento woah, my so called life

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