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The return of... the blogger?

It turns out my laptop works better in the mornings than in the afternoons, maybe because it's a little colder and it doesn't get so hot... This could be a solution to my its problem. Anyway, I hope to read your entries and leave comments more often. I may be the only one, but I still like livejournal and I miss the good old days, when people were more active around here, before Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr screw everything ¬¬

There hasn't been much activity in my life lately, but I did some tourism thanks to the visit of a friend from the north of Spain, who came to meet us (we only talked to her online) We had lots of fun, the temperature was really high (around 40ºC) but it was cool, I've seen things I never saw before, and I've lived here for about 10 years! I've got to upload all my pictures and some of my friends' photos and post a huge picspam.

The last day I took this picture of something related to "Supernatural" I'd love to take pictures of anything which reminds me of our beloved show.

ps. I've already watched the season 5 gag reel. It's probably my second favourite, after season 2, and all thanks to Misha and Jared when he tries to kiss Misha :D Oh, and Jensen's moonwalk. I love them so much, I think season 6 can be a good season, even if it's a little different to what we've seen so far. It can be like becoming an adult, and Supernatural has a fantastic crew.
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