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Frakkin toasters

I'm too angry right now to even think about the possibility of writing anything readable or comment on your journals. It has taken me nearly two hours to be able to do something on internet. Anything. I need a new laptop and the sad part is I can't afford to buy a new one without letting my bank account bleeding to death. It's frustrating.

Also, I tried changing part of the code of my layout, replacing the yellow words with blue ones. But now some of the words which were supposed to be blue, are more like purple, and I don't know why. I gotta try fix it, but other day.

Oh God, I hate computers. I hate technology. If I were a fictional character on Battlestar Galactica, the show would have ended in two episodes, because I would have killed both cylons and humans from the very first moment.
Tags: me gusta quejarme, my so called life

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