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Book 17

Title: The Rough Guide to The Lord of The Rings
Author: Paul Simpson
304 pages

In this book you'll find a lot of information about the film trilogy and the books. Here you'll find descriptions of the characters of LOTR, the places in which Tolkien lived as a child, as well as other locations which also inspired him to create several places of the Middle-Earth. There's also a chapter about all the stuff related to this trilogy that you can (or could, because this book is a few years old) buy along with a long list of sites on the internet. And one last chapter about the influence this book had on musicians or political movements. Also, there are a few pages about the films, but don't expect to read a lot because this book came out just when ROTK did. But you can find some bits about Arwen and the wonderful changes that were made to her character.

I think my favourite part of this book was that which talks about the origins of the trilogy, this is: his life. In his life there was tragedy, country life (the inspiration for the Shire and the hobbits), and also love (his wife Edith, being the inspiration for Luthien, and therefore Arwen) For example, did you know that, when Tolkien turned 21, he wrote a letter to Edith asking her to marry him, and when she wrote back saying she was engaged to another man, Tolkien took a train to Cheltenham to persuade to change her mind? That is SO ROMANTIC!!! You get the notion of where he found ideas for Beren and Aragorn :)

A very funny section describes the sights of Middle-Earth. Really funny. It gives you information about: languages, inhabitants, sightseeing and accommodation. Unfortunately (or maybe, lucky for us), there's no accommodation in places such as Isengard or Mordor, for obvious reasons...

And yeah, I'm still pissed off because there isn't a f*cking picture of Aragorn and Arwen together. Think about it, people: if they're going to reduce Arwen to an immortal princess whose only deed in this story is to give up her immortality to marry a mortal man, why don't they put more pictures of her with him? I'm pretty sure that Arwen was an awesome Elven princess, really wise, so I don't know... either give me more pictures of her alone or more pictures of her with Aragorn.

You can buy it at Play.com or Amazon. It's very cheap!
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