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poor little losers

Remember my post about Arwen haters and Eowyn fans and all that shit? well, sometimes I was pretty sure that some of these fans hated Arwen because they envied her and her relationship with Aragorn. And now I'm sure, I've been reading some comments on livejournal and God, it's so so so funny =) They feel envious because Aragorn/Arwen story was beautifully told in the films, whereas Faramir/Eowyn wasn't. They feel envious because Arwen was given that amazing scene where she and Frodo are pursued by the ringwraiths, and they say that makes Eowyn's entrance less impresive. Haha. I knew it. THEY ARE FRAKKIN SCARED because they know Arwen is AWESOME, because deep in their hearts (if they had hearts, in the first place) they know Arwen is wiser and more intelligent, hahaha ENVIOUS!!!!!

I'm having fun, yes :)


edit ta: I know I'm a very bad person and I should be ashamed. But I'm not. I think some of the things I read were really silly, out of pure bitterness (not good and true reasons)
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