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30 Days. Day 18

Day 18--> Whatever tickles your fancy

X-men came out ten years ago. The world discovered the genious Bryan Singer was and a new OTP was born thanks to the undeniably chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquinn. A relationship between Wolverine and Rogue, which was supposed to be exclusively friendship, turned out to be something hotter and deeper. Too hot especially for Anna/Rogue's young age.

People didn't care about their age difference and they started to write fanfiction, imagining 101 ways they could have sex despite her mutation or how young she was or how that annoying read head doctor was nearby. I fell for this pairing. I started my livejournal because of them. They were the beginning of everything.

Btw, look at that chest
Tags: logan/marie, meme, meme:30days, rogan 4ever, wolverine, wolverine/rogue, x-men

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