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30 Days. Day 12

Day 12--> Whatever tickles your fancy


Because I love any pic that shows Arwen fighting, even if it's from a video game and not from the films. I already said before that I'm sure she could be a great warrior and not only the lady who waits for her beloved to come back home from the battle.
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·There’s a Reason People Get Upset That the LORD OF THE RINGS Movies Changed Arwen. Sexism.  Post @TheTorchOnline about changes made to Arwen's character in the films and how people reacted to them. Very recommendable to read for those die-hard Tolkienites who can't tolerate a single change. I swear to God, if I read or hear another comment by someone who thinks Liv Tyler acted badly or her character was poorly written, I'll take Hadhafang myself and cut their throats
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