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30 Days. Day4

Day 04--> Your favourite book

Actually, it's not "my favourite book" but "my favourite books", because there are two I love:

My two favourite books are Dracula and Wuthering Heights. I love Dracula obviously because it has THE vampire, although my perception of this story has been changed by Francis Ford Coppola's film and Gary Oldman. In the book, Count Dracula is very scary, but Gary was f*cking sexy in the film *drools* It's all Gary Oldman's fault. Yep. And I love this book even though it's a little misogynist: in order to say Mina Harker is really really smart, Stoker (through Van Helsing) says "she's got the brain of a man" WTF. But I like Count Dracula, and his wifes, and I love Mina when she's almost a vampire. I wish that she had become a vampire and the book had other ending, but for that we have fanfiction!

As for Wuthering Heights, I came across this book after reading a biography of Charlotte Brontë, Emily's sister. I TOTALLY LOVED it. I read it in 4 or 5 days and fell in love with Heathcliff,  but who doesn't? I never liked Catherine at all because I couldn't understand why she married the Linton guy and I didn't understand her. Poor Heathcliff ... Gothic and romantic. I can't beg for more.
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