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Title: Salem's Lot
Author: Stephen King
622 pages

This book has been unknown for me, for years. It wouldn't have been so if I had known it was about vampires. I LOVE VAMPIRES since I read The Little Vampire when I was a child and then I saw the movie The Fearless Vampire Killers, which I still love despite having seen it more than 13 times.

The book tells the story of a man (Ben Mears), who is a writer (quite similar to Stephen King, I believe) that comes to Salem's Lot, where he lived for a few years when he was a child, to write a book. There he meets Susan and falls in love with her, some strange events happen in the town and he finds himself involved.

People disappear and later our main characters find out these missing people are vampires now. And this story is really interesting: unlike Bram Stoker's Dracula, here the vampires win and take over the town, creating a kind of "black hole" in the map, where people get lost and never return from. Bean Mears and some new friends have to kill the vampires, as they are growing in number.

My favourite character is Mark Petrie, a young boy who turns to be the best vampire killer in town, better than the adults. At the end, he is pretty scared and crying almost all the time, but he's still very brave. I admire him for being so smart. Susan is a bit stupid, so skeptical that you know something's gonna happen to her, so it's no surprise that she ends up becoming a vampire (and later she is killed by Ben) Father Callahan is as skeptical as Susan or even more, which is very annoying considering he's a Catholic and should believe in this kind of things without any doubt; but just as many other priests, he doesn't believe what he preaches. Another annoying character is Mark's father: another skeptical. When you're reading a story like this, and you find these characters who don't believe what they've got right in front of them... I'd love to slap them like Gibbs does on NCIS.

The ending is quite strange, as it is an open ending. But I like it. I like the fact that vampires are not totally defeated. Really cool.

But what I really love are the descriptions of the place and characters that Stephen King writes. I always love the way he portraits working-class people. I think there isn't anybody who does this better than him, he's the best at it.

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