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So I did the exam this morning for getting access to Advanced. The part to access 1st Advanced was too easy in my opinion, although I didn't do it well. I don't mind, I don't want to start from that level. Sometimes I think maybe I shouldn't have done it. The only reason I did it was because I passed the previous 3 parts (for 2B, 1Int, 2Int) and I thought that they could ignore my application if I didn't do today's exam. Maybe I should have asked about it when I found out I passed the previous exam and could get to 2Int. Anyway, it's done.

2nd: I've been watching some NCIS, 7x21 and 7x22. Are all NCIS seasons this long? 24 episodes!

In YOUR lab, analyzing THE evidence

My favourite parts of "obsession" were Ducky/Palmer and DiNozzo. That "relationship" Tony had with Brend or whatever-is-her-name led to nowhere, since he became obsessed with the journalist. The pretty journalist who ended up dying, how convenient :) I didn't understand it: why did he become so obsessed? just because he saw her on tv? Spanish Prince Felipe fell in love with his current wife (a Princess now) almost the same way, because he saw her on tv. It's ridiculous :P

but I love the interaction between Ducky and Palmer. I love it more and more every episode. The master and his pupil. Ducky is obviously proud of Mr.Palmer. I also liked this:

I still
don't know where that came from, but it was great.

mm what else? the thing with Hart, the Mexican guy and Abby/McGee. I'm a proud macabby shipper and I love it when they give us mcabby moments but I feel it a little rushed lately. Nothing for a few episodes and suddently: boom! they're suuuper jealous. First, it was Abby and now it's McGee. For no reason! I mean, look at the Mexican guy: he must be way too old for Abby, I believe, perhaps he's not so old but... I think there was no reason for McGee to feel jealous.

I don't know how "Borderland" makes me feel. At first I didn't realize why they were sending Abby and McGee to Mexico, together. Yeah, like McGee would be some super Rambo to protect Abby. Tony or Ziva would have been better choices, but McGeek? Mm, no, sorry.

I loved the moment when Abby and McGee talked about the night they spent on a coffin. Unfortunately, McGeek fucked it up when he told Abby she gained some weight. Men don't learn, do they?

Can't wait to see the next episodes!

No comento nada del tema de Gibbs porque de todas manera todavía tengo que ver el 23 (pero pobre Abby, se le ha caído su mayor ídolo). Por Chuck, qué temporada más larga!
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